Friday, June 11, 2010


To be honest, I don't know what this is called. But I do know that it is a part of dandang (Indonesian traditional rice steamer). Well I don't need this to cook rice since I have already got the electric modern rice cooker. My mother may not have approved the use of it against the glorious dandang, but electric rice cooker is just so practical. So why waste time and energy with the old one?

Anyway, I do not have a proper steamer in my kitchen. I have pans of different sizes but a steamer is not there yet. And with my present irregular money flow, I can't afford one just yet. But I need it. SO when I came across this cute little shiny thing at Ace Hardware, how could I not buy it? It's not expensive either. Just over Rp 20,000.

To use: pour some water into a pan, put this steamer on top of it but don't let it touch the water. Put the food you want to put on it. And voila, you are off and steaming. :)

I am happy with it. And now I am thinking of a list of food I can cook with it. Kue bolu, pepes ikan etc. etc.

Norpro 4 Quart 3 Piece Mini Steamer Cooker SetOne day when I have a proper big kitchen, I am so going to fill it with other cool kitchen gadgets. Like this.


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